10 Things You May Not Know About Vladimir Putin

Actually, 10 things you may not want to know.

Michael Trigg


Photo by Ignat Kushanrev on Unsplash

Putin is still a member of the KGB

Vladimir Putin is still a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB, Russia’s notoriously brutal secret police, in spite of the fact that he is the president of Russia. There is a saying in Russia; “you never leave the KGB — alive.”

Putin lacks empathy

In 2000, the Russian submarine Kursk exploded and sank , with 118 crew members on board. Many of them were killed instantly. An estimated 23 crew members fled to the rear of the sub that apparently was somewhat vertical and contained breathable ear. Did Putin allow this tragedy to spoil his vacation in Sochi? Not a chance. While the remaining crew were slowly dying, Putin and his family were jet skiing on the Russian Riviera. He later claimed weather conditions and strong currents made a rescue mission impossible. However, a western team of deep water rescue experts declared the area safe with ideal conditions. But of course by the time they received all the permissions, the remaining crew had died. When he later much later) gaca speech on the brave sailors on the Kursk, a bereaved mother shouted out, calling him a murderer. Several men rushed the mother, injected her with a knock out drug and she was removed by ambulance.

He has an obsession about news — when it is about himself

Putin is obsessed with reading or viewing news of his own exploits. He watches himself on television at every opportunity. He goes through all the daily coverage he is featured in, making copious notes on the contributing journalists and reporters, no doubt making lists of those who do or do not provide a positive spin to his daily activities.

Photo by Filip Mishevski on Unsplash

Putin is very conscious of being vertically challenged

Those who are close to Putin would be in fear of their lives if they were to reveal their beloved boss hides his true height under shoe lifts. Yes,folks, Putin is 169.5 cms…



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