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Michael Trigg

The opinion of a 77-year-old white male

An image of Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister.
An image of Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister.
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If any people have the right to gloat over the way they handled COVID 19 it is New Zealanders led by a youthful, female prime minister.

But the country’s PM didn’t gloat over the successful suppression of COVID 19 unless you call doing a happy dance, gloating.

Everyone on earth should be passionate about our great seas. It is the source of all life and sustains our lives.

Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

My passion is the ocean. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the sea. I love the ocean smell, the salty tang in the air; the way an ocean can change not just from day to day but from hour to hour. Kevin Costner discovered the moodiness of the sea to his chagrin (and wallet) when producing Seaworld, his disastrous film of an apocalyptical world of water after global warming caused the poles to melt. As he found out, the sea has no mercy for people who take it for granted.

I love oceans storms. I love…

Who says the young lack common sense?

Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

The following was written by a 21-year-old New Zealand female who obviously has her thinking cap on. I received it via email from a friend and thought it was worth passing on in a post. My friend’s comment was: “Make her the Prime Minister.”

It’s her future she’s worried about and this is how she feels about the social welfare system that she’s being forced to live in! These solutions are just common sense in her opinion.

Put me in charge . . ..

Put me in charge of benefit payments. I’d…

The British Commonwealth is irrelevant. So is membership.

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

On July 4th, 1776, the 13 American Colonies declared independence from the British Crown.

This is the year 2021. It is time for Canada to do the same. Two hundred and forty-five years later, Canada is still tied to the British throne. In Canada, we have a Governor-General who reports to the queen. All the provinces in Canada have a Lieutenant Governor, the queen’s representative for those provinces. If the Prime Minister decides to dissolve parliament, he must first gain the permission of the Governor-General who in turn must chat with the queen, probably over a nice cup of tea…

Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Fact check.

Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or certain accepted standard.

Humans are emotional beings. It is very common for us to put some sort of emotional investment into things such as values, beliefs, and our own personal dogma. Many people attach themselves to political identities and religions the way they attach themselves to their professions. This is not a bad thing providing there are rational thoughts and some research behind creating those attachments. …

Are writers their own worst critics?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

I recently took some time to read through a number of articles and posts I have written over the past 5 years. It seems, the further back I traveled, the more critical I became of my writing. Is this just me or is this common to all writers? I recall an interview conducted with Woody Allen some years ago where he said he was never happy with anything he had written or produced.

“I’ve never been satisfied or even pleased with a film that I’ve done. I make them, I’m finished, I’ve never looked…

Wind is free.

Image by Author. Kids love sailing.

I have been sailing on and off since I was a little kid. The great thing about sailing is — the method of propulsion is free. Yes. The wind is still free. So far, the government has not found a way to tax it. I regard sailing as the ultimate in freedom. There are “rules of the road” in sailing but no roads. Unlike powerboating, sailing takes a high degree of skill. Anyone can take a quickee course in powerboat handling and can rent a boat and head out on the saltchuck or lake. It’s not rocket…

What is your allotment?

Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash. A “lucky” 4-leaf clover

I have reached a point in my life where I have become more reflective on past events in my life and the world in general. Viewing the living conditions of the 7.7 billion human beings on our planet, it seems to me, luck, both good and bad is very unevenly spread amongst the world’s human population. Many people seem to have too much good luck and a vast majority, too little.

What exactly is luck? According to some internet sites, luck can be any of the following, and more:

Luck is the phenomenon and belief that…

Shakespeare never had this much fun.

Image By Author

Sandy beach, accompanied with buckets and spades

An intent to have fun, defying incoming tide

Sun glistening on sparkling, dancing waves

Gulls wheeling and squawking, their intent to deride?

Which sand is the best, high or low on the beach?

Higher, more time to build a grand castle

Lower down challenging waves lapping to reach

Our construction of sand made with fun and with muscle

A moat is a must grandson said, around the walls

Turrets and flagpoles from driftwood and seaweeds

Seagulls scoffing, waves nibbling sand, causing falls

Grandson spade in hand, with…

If you write for a living, your income is down since the start of Covid?

Photo by Kojo Kwarteng on Unsplash

Since the Covid 19 outbreak back in December 2019, I have noticed a substantial drop in my freelance writing income. There are now businesses offering freelance writing jobs for as little as one cent a word. This means a 2,000-word document, post or article would pay $20 for what can be considered a day’s work dependent upon the amount of research that would be required. In other words, For an eight-hour day, this translates into $2.50 an hour assuming the article took 8 hours to research, write and edit.

This is nothing but slave labor and many businesses taking advantage…

Michael Trigg

Since 2012, I have been business consulting and writing through my own agency Handshake Business Consultants. Fiction books, business plans, blogging, articles.

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