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Michael Trigg

The opinion of a 77-year-old white male

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If any people have the right to gloat over the way they handled COVID 19 it is New Zealanders led by a youthful, female prime minister.

But the country’s PM didn’t gloat over the successful suppression of COVID 19 unless you call doing a happy dance, gloating.

Women and men are as different as chalk and cheese. Thankfully!

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Ever since the first multi-celled organisms on primitive earth figured out sex was the best way to reproduce, there has been an ongoing battle between the sexes. Some creatures take it to the extreme such as the Praying Mantis. The male, generally smaller than the female has to figure out how he can have coitus without being eaten — first. Often, the male succeeds in mating but then is killed and eaten by the female.

There are a number of similar sexual scenarios amongst earth’s creatures where the male is the loser ranging from spiders to marsupials and small mammals…

We’ve been through this before.

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Back in 1968, an international law was created mandating seat belts on airplanes. If you don’t like wearing a seatbelt and refuse to abide by the seatbelt rule, you do not fly. It is as simple as that.

Seatbelts for automobiles have been bought into law in various countries beginning in the 1970s. Initially, this began with lap belts that eventually graduated to three-point belts — over the shoulders and clipping into a lap belt. There are now 28 countries around the world with compulsory seat belt laws, most of them, western countries.

Motorcycle helmets became compulsory in many countries…

A visitor from another galaxy.

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Though technically a he, the alien was more of an “it” by earth or human standards had they known of their visitor. He had existed for eons in the vastness of interstellar space. He had visited countless star clusters; had swept through many galaxies and their myriad of solar systems, skirted black holes and supernovas, and had almost reached the point of permanent blink-out when, purely by accident, he had come across a small non-descript solar system tucked away in the corner of an equally non-descript galaxy.

His sensors drew him to the star; a soft yellow dwarf. His scanning…

We are in danger perhaps, but that’s a different story.

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Humans first appeared on the earth scene around 7 million years ago, give or take. This is when early humans along with the chimpanzee, diverged from a common ancestor. In these 7 million years there have been approximately 26 different humanoid groups living and dying off at various times. We, homo sapiens, are the survivors. Our nearest cousins, the chimps are still here but only at our leaving.

Our other cousins, the Neanderthals died off about 25,000 to 35,000 years ago. The reason for their extinction has still not been determined but there are numerous theories, all having some credibility…

Is there some truth in each?

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I was born into a fifty percent Presbyterian family. My mother was the fifty percent and I do not know what my father was though I understood his family was Methodist. Dad never attended church except for the occasional wedding and funeral and he died when I was 17. As a teenager, I never had the interest or the opportunity to question him on his beliefs. I know his mother, my gran, was born in Ireland and raised a Catholic, something I did not discover until I was in my fifties. In fact, my grandmother's whole family was Catholic going…

The world’s oldest social housing, rent hasn’t changed since 1521

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Five hundred years ago in the little town of Augsburg in Germany, back in 1521, Jakob Fuggera a wealthy banker, created and funded a social housing complex he named the Fuggerei as a home for the city’s most destitute and poorest workers of the Catholic faith. He had long dreamt of a housing community where residents could have a low-cost home and live debt-free while still being a part of the community.

Fuggera charged residents one Rheinischer gulden a year, the equivalent of one month’s salary at the time. …

I’m sorry if you find this article offensive. Too bad!

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There are many, many adults of all ages who live on this beautiful little blue planet who still believe in the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA and COVID 19 is a hoax and was created by the Chinese to subjugate the rest of the world.

I have neighbors who are clean-living Christian folk. They believe the bible was written by god, their god that is; that only the pure of heart gain entrance to heaven and that COVID vaccination and masks are against god’s will. Don’t get me wrong. They are nice people…

We are being conned by big electronics.

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Smartphones are not smart. They are dumb. All they are, are portable phones with various applications built-in, most of which we do not need. There is nothing smart about them at all. They have to be programmed to provide the services to us that we use them for. The actual definition of smart is: “having or showing a quick-witted intelligence”.

Have you ever heard of a smartphone having actual intelligence? Or creating something? Like a piece of music or some software? No. As I said, they are dumb. …

The best things in life are free.

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Every August, my wife and I go on a few blackberry picking sprees. We have a couple of locations that we keep secret and on any given blackberry picking day, we can fill two plastic ice cream pails of this delicious, free fruit in the space of an hour.

Even though the blackberry plants we pick from, (the Himilayan Blackberry) are considered an invasive species, the fruit is far tastier and sweeter than the fruit from the cultivated blackberry plant.

Michael Trigg

Since 2012, I have been business consulting and writing through my own agency Handshake Business Consultants. Fiction books, business plans, blogging, articles.

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