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Michael Trigg

Hate, bigotry and discrimination is.

I will probably be taken to task again for this subject but I stand by my position. Why? Because based on science, every human on the planet is 99.9% genetically related. The 0.1% difference relates to skin color, eye color and other minor differences. The point is, we are ALL…

Women and men are as different as chalk and cheese. Thankfully!

Ever since the first multi-celled organisms on primitive earth figured out sex was the best way to reproduce, there has been an ongoing battle between the sexes. Some creatures take it to the extreme such as the Praying Mantis. The male, generally smaller than the female has to figure out…

The opinion of a 77-year-old white male

An image of Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister.

If any people have the right to gloat over the way they handled COVID 19 it is New Zealanders led by a youthful, female prime minister.

But the country’s PM didn’t gloat over the successful suppression of COVID 19 unless you call doing…

Many humans are pathetically lost to abject consumerism.

Number one of the most useless occupations on the planet in my mind are “influencers.”

Just some before others

Death is close by for all of us. NOBODY, except possibly morticians and ER doctors, wants to talk about it, think about it, or consider it. I sold life insurance for many years and was exposed to people's refusal to acknowledge death every day.

Actually, LIFE insurance is a misnomer…

How much longer will we have internal combustion engine cars? Who knows. My guess. Not long.

The first internal combustion engine car was created in 1885 by a gentleman by the name of Karl Benz. At that time, there was just one car on the road.

One hundred and thirty-six years later there are roughly 1.3 billion mostly internal combustion engine vehicles on the road today…

It could happen to you.

I spent all of today as a patient at one of the cardiac hospitals in Vancouver. As anyone who has spent time in the diagnostic part of a hospital knows, it is “hurry up and wait.” Note: If you want to read Part 1 first, click here.

We have two…

I’m writing this from my hospital bed.

Though I am in my late seventies, I am in excellent health. …

Including Canadians, Americans, English, Welsh, New Zealanders, Australians, South Africans and Scots. Oh, and Irish.

WEIRD: In New Zealand and Australia means acting in a clownish way or being silly in a goofy way.

A MOB: Down-under vernacular for a group of people, possibly a bunch of your mates or it could be a drunken bunch of yobos out for a good time or it…

Or, do you not vote and don’t care?

In Canada, we have just gone through our second federal election in two years. Our government, for the past six years, has been Liberal or by its official name; the Liberal Party of Canada. This party, well known for its spendthrift way ways is led by Justin Trudeau; the boy…

Michael Trigg

Since 2012, I have been business consulting and writing through my own agency Handshake Business Consultants. Fiction books, business plans, blogging, articles.

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