Michael Trigg

The opinion of a 77-year-old white male

If any people have the right to gloat over the way they handled COVID 19 it is New Zealanders led by a youthful, female prime minister.

But the country’s PM didn’t gloat over the successful suppression of COVID 19 unless you call doing…

Oil and water? Depends on the circumstances.

I am what is considered in today’s age, a senior citizen at age 78. Seventy-five years ago, I would have been considered elderly at this age. Elderly and doddery. That’s when the average life span for men was 68.44 years and we're lucky to live to the grand old age…

Michael Trigg

Jack of all trades and master of none. I’ve been all of these and more: Mechanic, welder, sales rep, TV producer, production manager, insurance agent & more.

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