I Was Going To Say Goodbye Medium, Its Been Nice To Know You.

Now, Maybe I have to think about it

Michael Trigg
2 min readJul 27, 2022


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When I drafted this article a couple of months ago, I wrote that I was signing off on Medium. Why? Traction for one thing. Lack of support another. I have written a total of 317 stories on Medium and I feel like the abandoned spouse. No alimony payments. No gratefulness. A big issue with Medium’s curating. do they really give a damn?

I have connected with a lot of nice people. Harry, I love your writing and your craziness. Melanie — great job on Unpopular Opinions . Be proud. Thanks to all the people that follow me. I really appreciate your support and your comments. There were no negatives. Everyone has the right to voice an opinion, good, bad or ugly.

Over the last year, I have developed several good clients in my freelance writing career and as they pay good money, my loyalties have to be where the money is.

It ain’t in Medium. Sure there are stories about writers on Medium who have struck gold when an article was picked up by some other organization but many are exaggerated and the true one’s few and far between.

I’ll write occasional post for the next few months and then see how I feel about Medium at that time.

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