If You Disappeared Tomorrow

What impact would it have?

Michael Trigg


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For some strange reason, a science fiction story I read many years ago about a man who disappeared popped into my head. He didn't die. He just vanished. However, was able to see the impact his disappearance made. Something along the lines of the Christmas movie Its A Wonderful Life.

It got me thinking about the impact we all make on those around us. Family members, business associates, casual acquaintances - even strangers we bump into once, interact with briefly and then never see again.

It can be likened to the butterfly effect:A small positive vibration can change the entire cosmos.

Of course it also an unknowable. We cannot know of that, that is unknowable.

For the many who live on this planet and do not procreate, their presence is less a long term factor than those who do reproduce.

The question: “If you disappeared tomorrow”would have more ramifications the older you were when you vanished. For example, a person who is in their early twenties and disappears could have more impact than someone who vanishes after they had produced offspring who in turn produced more offspring.

Though, this is a debatable point. It brings into the discussion “cause and effect” or causality as more fully described as: “ Causality is influence by which one event, process, state, or object contributes to the production of another event, process, state, or object where the cause is partly responsible for the effect”. Bit of a head-scratcher but I think the point of this post.

When reflecting on my own life, had I disappeared prior to meeting my wife, there would be twenty people who were born and live today who would not have been born had my wife and I not met.

I guess the subject matter is a close cousin to “forks in the road”.

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All of us to varying degree encounter some forks in the road during our lifetime. The decision to take one fork over the other can have life changing ramifications that one can only ponder on. Again, we cant really know that…



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