North Korea Is The Most Religious State On The Planet

No. It’s not a joke.

Michael Trigg
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Credit: Kyodo News

North Korea is supposedly a workers paradise. In reality, it is more of a heavenly prison. Starvation, beatings, slave camps, torture and brutality are the order of the day for most of the people in this “people’s paradise”.

The country is run more along the lines of a medieval church than a country. With just one family having held the political and monetary reins since 1948, it has now become, literally, a holy or perhaps an unholy trinity.

There is founding father of the country, The Holy Father,(Kim Il Sung). Upon his demise, he was succeeded by his Holy son (Kim Jong Il). After an early death claimed him, the Holy Grandson, Kim Jung Un took over. It’s a trinity.

The grandfather Kim Il Sung has been dead since 1994 but is still the Eternal Supreme President of North Korea and will be until hell freezes over. It is claimed that on the day he was born, all the birds in North Korea burst into song, singing in Korean of course.

His son, Kim Jung Il then took over the running of this country wide prison camp and gangster kingdom and as he could not be named President, took the title Chairman of the National Defence Commission and President of the Korean Workers Party. It is claimed that on the day he was born, an enormous double rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky that could be seen by all the people of North Korea.

Upon his demise, the running of the Church of North Korea was handed over to the the chubby but not jovial Kim Jung Un whose official title is Supreme Leader of North Korea, the third member of the trinity.

There are 34,000 statues liberally distributed around the country of the three male members of the Kim family. It is the law for the good citizens of North Korea to venerate these statues. To encourage this Kim worship, people are treated to 24 hour a day lauding of the three Kim’s over radio, television and public loudspeakers.

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North Korean’s are “encouraged” to worship the holy trinity of the three Kim’s with severe penalties meted out for…



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