One Of The Many Reasons Why I Hate Amazon

It is a pity stocks are still not in use. What stocks? Keep reading.

Michael Trigg


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I’m not talking about stocks trading on a stock exchange but stocks that were used in medieval times to shame and punish petty criminals and neer-do well’s. They were a feet restraining device that were used as a form of corporal punishment and public humiliation.

Credit: Llanelli Community Heritage

Citizens who committed minor transgressions such as bullying, pick-pocketing or shoplifting were locked in the stocks, usually located in the town square, for several hours and would be pelted with rotten fruit by the victims or general public.

What has these medieval stocks got to do with Amazon? Well, I think a great deal of Amazon management including Mr. Bezos could so with some public humiliation.

Why I hate Amazon 101: Outside of inquiring on a purchase made on Amazon, there is virtually no way to reach this company to inquire about a possible glitch in their system.

This is just one example. I have been attempting to use Amazon’s KDP website to publish a book. A simple paperback book. It took three days for the website to accept my manuscript in spite of the fact that I followed all their guidelines exactly.

Then the real fun began. For those of you not familiar with the Amazon KDP publishing website, in principle, it is simplicity. You determine the size your book will be, the number of pages, the type of paper stock (white or cream), whether it is black and white or colour, whether it is an e-book or a hardback or a paperback. If publishing a paperback for example, once you have uploaded this information and your manuscript, KDP provides you with two options for your book cover, an online Cover Creator or a template, to create your book cover.

Image by Michael Trigg

The Cover Creator DOES NOT WORK! It has not worked for 10 days, and probably longer. I have attempted to access it from other computers and using…



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