The UK’s Musical Chairs

Or, this month’s prime minister

Michael Trigg
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A friend of mine, who shall go unnamed, is a Scot with a great sense of humour and a way with words in the tradition of one of Scotland’s finest — Robbie Burns.

One could describe him as a bard. My friend that is. He sent me the following poem that I felt worthy of sharing with my audience.

“ The Brexit malaise lingers-on
Yes, remember their famous bus,
Where have all the promises gone?
Out the window just like Liz Truss.

UKIP’s fallacies are to blame
Trade with the EU has declined,
And Boris compounded the shame
Leaving the UK in a bind.

Over to №10s musical chairs
Who’ll be there when the music stops?
Rishi,- the best of the players
’Cause there’s no need to call the cops!”

British politics is always funny and very self deprecating, unlike US politics that takes itself far too seriously, and I think the following excerpt from the very funny and never to be improved upon British Comedy series, “Yes Prime Minister” is very typical of both English pomposity on one hand and brilliant, down to earth English in “cutting to the chase” on the other.

In the series episode, Sir Humphrey, the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Secretary, who lends new meaning to the world “pompous”, has had his key privileges to the Prime Minister’s offices revoked.

Sir Humphrey: “Prime Minister, I must express in the strongest possible terms my profound opposition to the newly instituted practice which imposes severe and intolerable restrictions on the ingress and egress of senior members of the hierarchy and will, in all probability, should the current deplorable innovation be perpetuated, precipitate a progressive constriction of the channels of communication, culminating in a condition of organisational atrophy and administrative paralysis, which will render effectively impossible the coherent and co-ordinated discharge of the function of government within Her Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!

Prime Minister Hacker: “You mean you’ve lost your key?”

Brilliant. Long may England and its humour, both intentional and unintentional, reign.

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