The United Nations Is A Dysfunctional Organization

Are the UN democratic members living in a fantasy land?

Michael Trigg


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The term United Nations was first suggested by President Franklin Roosevelt on January 1st, 1942 and used when a group of 26 nations agreed to fight in concert against the Axis powers led by Hitler’s Germany during World War II. Then in 1944, deliberations were held in Washington, DC, between the USA, China, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom to discuss a Charter of Nations following which delegates from 50 countries met in San Francisco under the banner of the United Nations International Organization. Subsequently, a charter was drawn up and signed on the 26th of June 1945.

The UN as it is commonly known arose from the League of Nations, that was formed during World War I. The principal behind the LON and its UN offspring was to create a framework and a set of rules for settling global crises peacefully, preventing wars and setting out rules of warfare.

The United Nations came into being October 24th, 1945 and it was agreed among member nations to headquarter in New York. Russia was one of the founding members who agreed to the charter that begins as follows:

We the people of the United Nations determined - to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has bought untold sorrow to mankind.

The full text of the charter can be viewed here.

As you read the Charter, passages pop out such as “ to reaffirm faith in fundamental humans rights”, “the dignity and worth of the human person” and “to practise tolerance and live together in peace.”

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This is what Russia, the driving force behind the USSR / Soviet Republic signed off on. Therefore, taking into account the action that Russia, under the command of Vladimir Putin has taken in invading and committing atrocities against Ukraine and its people, one has to ask; what does the United Nations stand for?

Another important question pertains to the UN Security Council. This body, to quote from a book entitled The Basic Book



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