Who Cares If You Have An Idea And Can’t Write

Michael Trigg
2 min readFeb 17, 2021

Write the damn thing anyway.

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You have an inspirational idea for an article but you are not sure if you have the writing ability. Well, you don‘t know unless you write it.

What? You’re afraid of making a mistake? Who gives a shit? The only way you can write is by writing. So you get some phrasing wrong? You have some incorrect sentence structure. Your punctuation is crap. Your post is published anyway but you get some negative feedback. Good! That means somebody cares.

Keep writing and writing. Glom onto your feedback and feel grateful that someone cares. Many don’t. In fact, most don’t. Do you care? I never have. In fact, when I sold my first piece to Readers Digest, I was very taken aback and when I read it in the magazine, I thought it was crap. But, did my opinion count? Obviously not. The editor thought it was good enough to publish and that was all that mattered. And, I got paid.

So, back to you. How is your ego? Can it take some criticism? If so, can you use that positively or will you go back to bed, pull the blanket over your head, and say: “bye-bye world”?

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Not good if you do. Try the flip side. Try looking at it from a different POV. As you did receive feedback, you can take it that someone actually read your piece. This is a good thing. If you did not receive feedback, then your article was not worth commenting on. Again, so what?

Whatever the result, look at any negative comments as good comments as someone has taken the time to read your piece and found it interesting enough to comment. That is a damn good thing. So, regardless of anything, write.

You can only get better. Then, write some more.

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