Wow! The Responses I Have Received On The Disappeared Trump Tower

But what I don’t understand is…….

Michael Trigg
3 min readMay 25, 2022


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How is Trump so popular with all his dumb ass supporters who can’t read?

Obviously the people who read my piece on the subject matter do have reading ability. As I did not get one negative comment, I have to assume the people who support Trump cannot read. Either that or their reading ability does not gravitate beyond their morning cereal box.

Why do I bring this up? Well, as I said, I did not get one negative comment on my story of the Trump Tower now not being the Trump Tower. So, I have to conclude Trump supporters are

  • Unable to read
  • Unable to use a computer
  • Unable to use the internet

Either or one or all of the above.

In my opinion and in the opinion of many readers, getting rid of the Trump monster sign was “good riddance to bad rubbish”. The hotel is now the “Paradox Hotel”. Their sign is modest and classy as opposed to Trump’s sign that was overly large and the antithesis of classy.

With the Trump sign, descriptive words come to mind like BOORISH, LOUD, BRASSY, TACKY, TAWDRY, CHEAP and VULGAR! Just like the name’s owner.

May the name Trump never, ever again grace Vancouver’s skyline. To readers who have never been here. Vancouver is a small city with a beautiful harbour, a modest skyline and graced with a backdrop of mountains that in the winter are topped with snow.

Vancouver is not loud. In fact, some people complain that it is boring. Some even go so far as to say the city should be called Nofuncouver. But, that’s OK. The people who live here, live here because Vancouver is what Vancouver does not try to be; either a Toronto or New York or a Chicago.

The Trump hotel operator, TA Hotel Management Partnership Ltd, a subsidiary of TA Global Berhad, a Malaysian corporation filed for bankruptcy in April, 2020. Hopefully, Trump will receive very little of the rumoured $1.0 million a year he was to receive for the licensing of his name.

One big thing in Vancouver’s favour now is that it is Trump free. May Trump or any other member of this oily family ever grace our doorstep again.

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